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Discover Poitiers with one of its residents


Romanesque capital, university city, Poitiers can claim 2000 years of history inscribed and woven in its current landscape. Bathed by the Clain and Boivre rivers, the promontory of Poitiers welcomes its visitors in a historic centre of character. The greenery of its valleys, parks and gardens, its markets and its lively life are revealed to visitors along its streets, along its paths.
The city, its districts and surroundings are revealed to anyone who wants to take the time to discover them… with a Greeter of course!


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Gastronomie & Artisanat

THEME BALADES : Gastronomy & Crafts in Poitiers - (Scroll through the greets, select your walk and register)

Markets and Gastronomy


Markets & gastronomy

Depending on the days of the walk, a greeter will accompany you to one of the markets in Poitiers to discover local or more exotic products… also the opportunity to visit the district surrounding the market of the day.

Handycrafts & galleries


Handycraft and Galleries

Stroll through the streets of yesterday’s forgotten trades to reach galleries, crafts, booksellers and other curiosities.

Nature & environnement

THEME BALADES: Nature and environment in Poitiers - (Scroll through the cards, select and register)

The edges of the Clain river


The edges of the Clain

Railway station, depot, stone bridges, iron footbridges, south and north entrance tunnels, viaduct, the rail will take you far (more or less according to your desires) and will allow you to visit Poitiers in surprising ways when getting off the daily train train. Be careful, one train can hide another!

Rivers and Cliffs


Rivers and Cliffs

This is a walk starting from the natural banks of the Clain, very close to the city and yet rural, bucolic. The route continues by taking the stairs to reach the top of the cliffs at the entrance of Poitiers with dominant views over the city.

Parks and Gardens


Parks and Gardens

City gardens, city gardens, small and large spaces planted, or left natural, in the neighbourhoods, invite you to stroll around. The greeters of Poitiers offer you tours in these relaxing havens.

Poitiers insolite

THEME BALADES: Unusual Poitiers - (Scroll through the cards, select and register)

Unusual Walk


The unusual walk

Your greeter invites you to build with you an unusual stroll in the footsteps of photo details: “félicité”, sacrée mule, les trois clous, Trois Bourdons… and that we discover what many tourists visit and appreciate: the places favoured by travellers… or heritage buildings transformed into social housing and other details off the beaten track.

The lovers’ walk


The lovers’ walk

It is at the end of this road that the district is nestled. Rich in recent and often surprising history, it has seen populations settle in transit, leaving from afar or relocating here. The architecture reflects a layered development. It is the district of diversity, of solidarity where life is good, where, with the greeter, you will enjoy history (s).

Along the rail


On the rail

Railway station, depot, stone bridges, iron footbridges, south and north entrance tunnels, viaduct, the rail will take you far (more or less according to your desires) and will allow you to visit Poitiers in surprising ways when getting off the daily train train. Be careful, one train can hide another!

Art & histoire

THEME BALADES: Art and History in Poitiers - (Scroll through the walks, select and register)

Walking in the streets of Poitiers….


Walking in the streets of Poitiers…

A trip through the streets of Poitiers to appreciate the city of yesterday and today from the point of view of a resident. A starting point and according to your interests we will stroll and discover Poitiers with its “one hundred bell towers” and a thousand steps.

The Walls have the floor


The Walls have the floor

Art often ephemeral, the painted walls of Poitiers are made and dismantled, discovered at random from a bridge, a staircase, a wall. Expression of today or much older, sometimes wild and sometimes wanted, this pictorial art always challenges us.

Choisissez pour moi...

We could choose for you if you wish. Depending on the time and languege you registerd for and you centers of interest, We will propose one or several walks with a Greeter in Poitiers,.

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What are we ?

Volunteers, attached to their district, their city, the Greeters de Poitiers and its surroundings offer to welcome you.
They suggest original walks, in the city, in the neighbourhoods, along the water, in the gardens, to discover another Poitou life, these inhabitants will be happy to share with you their city and its surroundings:

atmospheres – favorites – little stories

They are at your disposal to adapt their walks to your interests, desires and possibilities, in a friendly atmosphere.
In accordance with its values they adhere to the Greeters charter to be consulted here. (Click to download)

What do our visitors say once they’ve made a Greeters walk in Poitiers ?

Février 2019
Bonjour Merci à Françoise pour cette agréable ballade découvert de Poitiers que nous avons beaucoup appréciée. Pouvoir échanger avec une habitante de la ville, était ce que nous recherchions et nous avons pu lui poser toutes nos questions. Le lendemain nous avons visité quelques unes des boutiques et lieux recommandés. Poitiers est une très belle ville, nous reviendrons. Merci Françoise et au plaisir de vous faire visiter quelques une de mes adresses lyonnaises à l’occasion. Emmanuelle et Philippe

Emmanuelle V.

Lyon - France (69)

Mai 2018
Belle découverte de la ville de Poitiers en compagnie de Patrick, très sympathique, qui s’est rendu disponible plus tôt que prévu compte-tenu de notre heure d’arrivée avancée. Nous avons déambulé et flâné au gré des édifices repérés des hauteurs de la ville et terminé la balade par le Jardin des Plantes et en longeant le Clain. C’était très agréable.

Fabienne R.

Getine - France (44)

Septembre 2017
IDEAL !!! le meilleur moyen de découvrir la ville avant de partir seul à “l’aventure” Patrick m’a fait faire un grand tour (presque 3h!!) des petites rues et des grands monuments, partout il m’a montré l’original, l’insolite, l’historique … Toujours il à répondu à ma curiosité et l’a provoquée Merci, très sincèrement Merci

Michèle S.

Soual - France (81)

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